Hinterland - A Story of Comfort and Nurture

Hinterland - A Story of Comfort and Nurture

Nurture is synonymous with comfort and wellbeing, something we all deserve.

Offering a sense of slow living and the luxury of retreating to nature, this paired back look celebrates the simple things in life. The earthy tones are influenced by colours of the landscape to encourage space and clarity. Clay, spice, and earth reflect the natural environment and provide a comforting and nurturing accompaniment to the interior space.

Botanical touchpoints

The hero of the Hinterland collection is the graphic, three-tone embroidery of the Monstera Cushion. By combining historic weaving styles with this botanical reference brings this beloved houseplant to life, in a stylish and inspired way. We see this on patios and in the living room, or even the bedroom, paired with clay and spice tones that can bring additional warmth to your Hinterland. Bringing nature to the fore, we see a mix of sensory finishes of embroidery together with chunky weave on raw yet refined materials like cotton and jute - marking of a traditional Weave Home product that delivers the tactility expected from such artisanal markings.

Image: Monstera is our hero cushion. Its ability to pair with spice tones will bring any room to life. Umbra Rug with Solano throw in Spice.

Perpetual patterns

The Hinterland could be an era, but it’s also just a moment that lasts forever. Warming tones are the backbone of this collection but brought to life through unmistakable rattan patio furniture design cues that juxtapose the graphic of the Monstera. Paired with neutrals in Caramel and Tapioca shades, this combination unlocks the flavours of comfort that the Hinterland promises, allowing Hinterland to slip into mid-century design aesthetics or 70s styling with ease.

Left Image: Nova, Alberto, Napali and Rattan cushions. Right Image: Cadiz rug in Natural.

Embracing the simple things

Textures are the little things that give our Hinterland range an inventive and comforting feel. By weaving in a contemporary interpretation of the Alberto boucle cushion and enduring fabric of our European linen cushions, and then pairing with the soft-touch Nova velvet cushions, this collection is next-level luxe. Combinations of graphic prints like the Monstera create a visual target, and together with nature-inspired geometric patterns on our Napali cushion, the Hinterland Collection embraces the simple things in life, by returning to visuals and senses we know and love all too well.

Image: The Alberto boucle is the ultimate bed cushion, pairing beautifully with patterns and textures for a rich finish.

A pallet that warms

This neutral pallet draws influence from the landscape, and the Hinterland landscape promises a sense of relaxation and stillness. Escapism is of the moment as we all crave both the sense of security and freedom the outdoors can deliver. Hinterland delivers ‘balance’ in doses.

Our combination of sofa and throw cushions has been carefully coordinated with a range of throw rugs and floor rugs to deliver an inviting outdoor feel to your interior.

Image: Solano Onyx is a light, herringbone cotton throw with a boucle reverse. Right, Clay tones from our Como European linen range paid beautifully with our soft-touch Nova Cushions.