Cushion Care Guide

The first point of call is always the care label located on all Weave products by either a hang-tag or label sewn into the seam of your cushion cover. Always refer to your care label before attempting any cleaning!

Our advice is given in good faith and should not be considered a guarantee. If in any doubt, you should always consult a professional cleaning company.

If you would like to download our Cushion Care PDF click here, or see below for detailed advice.

Cleaning cushion covers

Care labels can be tricky to navigate. Here is a simple rundown of what to do and not to do with each of our three cushion cover care labels. Always treat spills and stains as soon as possible to make stain removal easier and minimise the risk of permanent damage.

HM – Machine Wash

  • Gentle cold machine wash.
  • Wash with like colours.
  • Lie flat to dry.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Cool iron on reverse.
  • Dry-cleanable. 

HH – Hand Wash

  • Gentle cold hand wash.
  • Wash with like colours.
  • Lie flat to dry.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Cool iron on reverse.
  • Dry-cleanable.

HD – Dry Clean Only

  • Dry-clean only.

Cleaning Cushion Inserts

Weave cushions come with either a microblend WeaveFill insert or a feather insert. Although they both have a quality 100% cotton Japara cover and look very similar, they have different washing instructions due to their filling.

How to Wash - WeaveFill Inserts

  1. Put your inner a warm machine wash.
  2. Line dry in the shade or tumble-dry warm thoroughly before re-use or storage.

How to Wash - Feather Inserts

  1. Warm machine or hand wash.
  2. Warm tumble dry thoroughly before re-use or storage.

How to Wash - Polyester Fill Inserts

Before August 2020, polyester inserts were a standard inclusion with all cushion covers. If you own one of these cushion inners, we advise you to follow these steps to clean:

  1. Hand-wash only.
  2. Gentle squeeze.
  3. Drip dry thoroughly before re-use or storage. 

Fluffing and Plumping Cushions

Last but not least! Never underestimate how fresh a sofa of plump cushions looks.

Our favourite technique for fluffing and plumping is the karate chop method. Simply hold the cushion cover over your knee and give it a few karate chops on each side. This will work the inner back into the corners to give it that plump, fluffy fill.

A light vacuum with reduced suction every six months will help with dust control.

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