How To Insert A Cushion Inner

How To Insert A Cushion Inner

For optimum comfort, cushions are a must-have in the home. Consisting of two essential pieces, cushions require an inner for support and a cover for the aesthetic. 

When purchasing a cushion, choosing the right insert is almost as important as choosing the right cover, whether it's our WeaveFill or Feather option. If you're wanting more information on which insert is right for you, be sure to read our Finding The Right Insert For Your Cushion blog post here.

Once you have your preferred insert, it's time to put your cushion together.

In this blog, we will teach you how to fill our cushions in six simple steps so that they look perfectly plump and ready for display!


Step 1 

Once you have your insert/inner, fold it in half and focus on compressing it as this will make it easier to squeeze into the cushion cover, avoiding any damage to the zip or seams.

Step 2

Place the insert into the cushion cover by keeping the inner squeezed in half and gently pulling the cover over one end of the insert.

Step 3

Once you have the insert in the cover, gently move the insert corners into the four corners of the cover, adjusting as you go.

Step 4

Smooth the cushion out with your hands, working on each corner, making sure all four corners are filled out and looking neat.

Step 5

Zip up your cushion.

Step 6

Smooth out your cushion one last time and plump it up. And you're all done!

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