Modern Mood - Minimalist and Contemporary

Modern Mood - Minimalist and Contemporary

Minimalist without feeling cold and empty, Modern Mood is a contemporary take on paired back style.

Minimalist without feeling cold and empty, Modern Mood is a contemporary take on paired back style—inspired by modernism and art deco periods—with a focus on luxurious detail. With a not quite monochrome colour story, hues of green and blue bring life and energy to any space.


Making a return to modern living with clean, paired back finishes that focus on quality and detail as much as the patterns themselves, Modern Mood brings 70s graphic shapes and colour-blocking into a modern interpretation.

As colours cycle in and out of trend, the use of green has recently resurfaced and has been seen within interiors for a grounding influence. Khaki and forest hues create a calming mood and adapt our indoor spaces to reflect nature and the outdoors. When mixed with a striking graphic design and with colours such as chartreuse and navy, the colour scheme takes on a contemporary, modern twist.

Image Features (Left to Right): Como in Juniper, Tatami in Onyx, Ezra in Juniper, Nevis Throw in Juniper, and Napali in Khaki.



Traditionally, urban environments were minimalist in style, however with a move to round, organic shapes in interior design, Modern Mood melds perfectly with the contemporary curvilinear furniture trend.

With unique contrasting lines, the Ezra cushion balances the texture of embroidery, graphic design and colour-blocking that creates a modern yet retro aesthetic; whilst signature hand-painted Verso offers an abstract digital print on a soft viscose linen blend for beautiful intensity and brings pops of jewel-toned and calming blues to the room.

With textural elements, Rattan, Tatami and Napali deliver subtle layered patterns that add visual depth within the story, making each scheme unique.

Image Features (Left to Right): Ezra in Juniper, Travertine Rug in Marble, Como in Juniper, Alberto in Ivory, Nova in Evergreen, Alberto in Onyx, Tatami in Onyx, Nevis Throw in Juniper, Travertine Rug in Pewter, and Verso in Juniper.


From shades of jade to forest, the Modern Mood palette also features beautiful aqua tones that play on the layering of green hues. Black neutrals tip the scheme into stylish sophistication, however, when paired with highlight colours such as chartreuse and navy, it creates a level of modernism previously not seen in contemporary green schemes.

This collection is designed to work in interiors that feature velvets, powder coated steel, marble, brass or chrome, and black wood for a truly captivating experience.

Image Features (Left to Right): Alberto in Ivory, Nova in Evergreen, Tatami in Onyx, Travertine Rug in Pewter, Verso in Juniper, and Alberto in Onyx.


"The rugs in the Weave range are intended to be timeless. We tend to choose classic neutral colours and textures to give our rugs longevity in the home. We spend a lot of time working on weaving techniques and yarns to develop the textures and colours in our range."

- Meg Sinclair, Designer at Weave Home.

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