6 ways to make your living room family friendly & stylish

6 ways to make your living room family friendly & stylish

Wanting to give your growing family’s living room a refresh but struggling to find a balance between practicality and sophistication? When decorating a space that has to fulfil so many needs, it is all about investing in multi-functional and long-lasting pieces that will always look wonderful.

We're excited to share with you our six unique decorating ideas to empower you to transform your living space into one that is kid-friendly yet doesn’t compromise on style.

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1. Safety first (and always!)

Rule #1 of family-friendly living rooms is to always avoid including any dangerous furniture in the room. From glass coffee tables to cabinets with sharp corners, all pieces that can result in a bump or a scrape should be avoided.

However, a baby-proof room doesn’t mean that all of your furniture has to be baby-ish. There are lots of stylish alternatives available to maintain sophistication in your living room!

Here’s what we recommend for each:

  • Tables & cabinets: whenever possible, opt for round options. There are many cabinets and tables now available in a curved form that make a style statement.
  • Coffee tables: replace with a large ottoman or pouffe - very comfortable and on-trend!
  • Glass, metal or stone furniture: swap out for wooden pieces that are more gentle if an accidental tumble does occur. These will also hold up better to the inevitable scuffs, scratches and messy little fingers - so they’re perfect around kids!

2. Ensure you have plenty of storage

No parent is a stranger to the abundance of baby and kids stuff that always finds its way to the living room! Make tidy-up easier by investing in smart and stylish storage that will keep toys in easy access but still hidden away.

Our favourite storage hacks include:

  • Built-in cabinetry with hidden storage
  • Woven baskets (the ones with lids look best in these spaces!)
  • Ottomans or poufs with storage inside
  • Round coffee tables with storage inside
  • Shelving that has pull-out boxes - playful and simple
  • Couch or window seat with hidden drawers

Weave Luca linen washable cushions

Weave Luca linen cushions are machine washable.

3. Create a space for play

A kids area is the perfect accompaniment for a living room, giving your child a comfortable space to read, relax or play with their favourite toys - so that you can kick back and relax too!

Take advantage of the stylish kids’ decor on offer and create a space that will inspire fun while fitting in with your overall look.

We love the ‘earth baby’ trend in children’s interiors right now, which features beautiful natural materials and tones that perfectly compliment ‘grown-up’ spaces. We have also seen ‘colourful corners’ work very well in seemingly minimalistic living rooms - stick to three hero colours for the kids’ area to create a living room that wows.

4. Include some ‘mini’ size furniture 

Mini furniture pieces are irresistible to little ones - not to mention super cute!

“Style your living room with ‘mini’ size furniture pieces, using neutral tones and quality Warwick fabric to outlast your child's growth and industry trends! ’The Little Tribe Sofa’ paired with an upholstered drum ottoman will ensure hours of comfort for your children.” - Sheree, The Cullin Design.

In addition to mini sofas, kids tables & chairs are always a favourite. For extra impact, match the fabrics or materials of the mini furniture to the larger pieces in the room.

Weave washable Luca and Sonoma

Weave Luca linen cushions and Sonoma and Solano cotton throws are machine washable.

5. Try to include items that are easily cleaned or washable

Try as we might, spots and spills are inevitable! Luckily, Weave's Luca and Como linen cushions and cotton throw collections are all machine washable, making them a family friendly choice.

6. Bring it all together with a rug

Little ones are bound to spend lots of time on the living room floor playing with their toys and lying down. For this reason, it is a great idea to include a large, spacious rug in your living space to keep your little ones comfortable.

Weave Cadiz Natural jute rug

Weave Cadiz jute floor rug in Natural.

Stick to rugs in darker colourways or that have a pattern or texture. These styles will hide little spills or other wear and tear more easily. With Weave’s wide collection of floor rugs, you will not need to compromise on style. Our rugs are available in a range of tasteful dark colourways including PigmentTar or Basalt.

We have put together a useful Rug Essentials Guide on to help when choosing a rug for your home. Check it out for some practical tips on rug placement and things to consider when purchasing a rug for high traffic areas such as the family living room.

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